Zoe Sugg

  • Invitée par Noah à l'accompagner sur sa tournée européenne, Penny, folle de joie, court le rejoindre !
    Mais entre le planning ultra-chargé de son petit-ami, ses copains pas très acceuillants et les menaces des fans jalouses, Penny se sent perdue.
    Loin de chez elle, tout lui manque : sa famille, son meilleur ami Eliott et... son blog, Girl Online.
    Penny est-elle vraiment faite pour vivre avec une rock-star ?

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  • Gaffeuse et réservée, Penny a le don de se mettre dans des situations embarrassantes. Pourtant, derrière la jeune fille maladroite se cache la très populaire blogueuse Girl Online.
    Grâce à son blog, Penny prend peu à peu confiance en elle. Et quand elle rencontre Noah, elle s'autorise enfin à croire au grand amour.
    Mais l'élu de son coeur ne lui a pas tout dit, et ce n'est pas n'importe quel garçon...

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  • Depuis un mois, Penny n'a plus de nouvelles de Noah, qui a quitté précipitamment sa tournée. Désemparée, Penny décide de prendre du temps pour elle. L'invitation de Megan tombe à pic.
    C'est l'occasion de faire de nouvelles connaissances, et le beau Callum pourrait bien l'aider à passer à autre chose... Mais est-elle vraiment prête à renoncer à son histoire avec Noah ?

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  • INCLUDES NEVER-BEFORE-SHARED PROJECTS, RECIPES AND INSPIRATION, ALONG WITH STUNNING NEW PHOTOGRAPHY For as long as Zoe Sugg can remember she has loved welcoming friends & family into her home, whether it's to celebrate someone else's big day or just being with friends, there is nothing she enjoys more than putting her energy into making any occasion special. In Zoe's eyes the best thing about getting people together is there really is no right or wrong way: maybe you want to plan a throw-everything-at-it shindig, or simply make a special effort for one guest. Mostly it's about how people feel when they're in your company. How the smallest of gatherings can feel momentous, and the biggest of parties can feel intimate. Over the years Zoe has shared glimpses of this side to her in her videos, with millions of viewers taking daily inspiration from her life. In Cordially Invited she shares her best and never seen before ideas in print. Divided into seasons, and woven through with Zoe's own stories and memories, this book reveals her favourite events - big or small - throughout the year and how to celebrate them in style. From practical ideas for how to feed your guests and hacks for unexpected get-togethers to simple but impressive DIYs and those personal touches people will remember, Cordially Invited is Zoe's blueprint for making an event and a memory out of each day.

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    Zoe Sugg

    Con lo pseudonimo Girl Online ogni giorno scrive un blog. Nascosta dietro al suo nickname, Penny condivide i suoi pensieri e le sue emozioni più vere sull'amicizia, l'amore, la scuola, la sua famiglia un po' assurda e quei terribili attacchi di panico che condizionano drammaticamente la sua vita. Proprio quando le cose stanno davvero prendendo una brutta piega i genitori le organizzano un viaggio a New York. Qui incontra Noah, bello, anzi bellissimo, e per di più chitarrista eccezionale. Penny si innamora per la prima volta e racconta ogni minuto di questo sogno sul suo blog.

  • Quand une des élèves de la prestigieuse Illumen Hall boarding school est retrouvée morte, une mystérieuse pie tatouée dans la dos, Audrey et Ivy, deux pensionnaires que tout oppose, découvrent un secret terrifiant caché au coeur de leur école à l'apparence si... parfaite.
    Puisant dans la tradition des légendes victoriennes et celle des romans d'internat anglais, la trilogie séduira les fans de Pretty Little Liars ou Riverdale.

  • The brand-new fiction book from Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella)! Co-written with the acclaimed writer Amy McCulloughSeven for a secret, never to be told . . .Illumen Hall is a boarding school of tradition and achievement. But tragedy strikes when the body of a girl, a student, is discovered - on her back is an elaborate tattoo of a magpie.For new student Audrey, it is just another unsettling thing about her new surroundings. And for her roommate Ivy, well, she''s just annoyed she has to share with the new girl from America.As an unlikely friendship develops, the two are drawn deeper into the mystery of this strange and terrible murder. They will discover that something dangerous is at the heart of their school.Welcome to The Magpie Society.Told from two alternating view-points, this is the first book in a modern gothic thriller series that will have you gripped like no other book this year. Get ready for your new YA obsession . . .>

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    Zoe Sugg (Author) Zoe Sugg is a multi-hyphenate businesswoman, content creator and the bestselling author of the Girl Online series. In 2009, she started her blog and social media channels under the name "Zoella" and took the online world by storm. She has amassed 25 million followers across her YouTube and Instagram channels, and regularly uses her platform to address important subjects like mental health, cyber-bullying and women''s health.Amy McCulloch (Author) Amy McCulloch is a Chinese-White author, raised in Canada and based in London, England. Amy has been editorial director for Penguin Random House Children''s, where she published Zoe''s #1 international bestselling series Girl Online, and has written for YA and middle-grade readers in her series The Oathbreaker''s Shadow, The Potion Diaries and Jinxed. When she''s not writing, she can normally be found on top of a mountain.>

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    Zoe Sugg (Aka Zoella

    Penny has a secret. Under the alias Girl Online, Penny blogs her hidden feelings about friendship, boys, high school drama, her crazy family, and the panic attacks that have begun to take over her life. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets Noah, a gorgeous, guitar-strumming American.